Against The Week-Long Festival

Against the Wind Festival

Against the Wind Festival is a week-long festival of anti-nuclear activities, art shows, lectures, theater, and live music. Its mission is to spread awareness about nuclear power and environmental degradation. Located in northern California, it features a variety of events and performances throughout the region.

Jeff Barton grew up in a musical family. His aunts formed a popular vocal trio called “The Barton Sisters” in the late 1940s. During his formative years, he was exposed to the music of legendary bass players and was inspired to learn to play the instrument. He has a passion for the soulful sounds of Bob Seger and brings this to every song he performs.

The festival will include performances by national and international artists. The festival is free and open to the public, and will feature a diverse lineup of performers. The event will also include performances by street performers and performances by emerging artists. The festival will also feature off-site concerts. Those who attend can expect a memorable musical experience.

The festival will run Oct. 7-15 at Synapsis in Eureka. Volunteers are needed to help run each event. For more information, call Jack Irvine at 707-407-9667.

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