Against the Wind Festival

Against the Wind Festival

Against the Wind Festival is a two-day music and arts festival that celebrates local and international talent. Taking place from 30 June to 2 July, the festival will feature performances by national and international acts. The event is free and open to the public. The festival includes street performances and off-site concerts.

The festival was founded in 1958, when Jack Irvine and his collaborators tried to stage a play about nuclear warfare and environmental degradation. It also supported the Golden Rule peace boat, which in 1958 tried to sail into the nuclear test zone off the Marshall Islands. There will be art exhibits, live music, and lectures to help bring awareness to the issue.

Among the artists performing at the festival will be the acclaimed rock band Against the Wind. The group has a long history of playing and recording, and Steve Seger, from Georgetown, Ontario, has a wealth of experience playing bass guitar. He co-produced “RESolution 9” with Rik Emmett. The lineup also includes singer-songwriter Brian Hawley, who has performed across Canada for over 30 years.

While the music at the festival is not without its faults, there are many things to enjoy. For one, the concert itself is an electric experience. Fans of the music will never forget their experience.

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