Weeklong Against the Wind Festival

During the weeklong Against the Wind Festival in Arcata, California, you’ll have the chance to see and hear about a variety of events focused on peace and environmental issues. This festival, which is produced by local volunteers, is designed to increase public awareness about nuclear power and environmental degradation. It features a number of activities for the whole family, including art shows, lectures, film, theater, and more. Among the acts performing at Against the Wind Festival are Against the Wind, a tribute band that was formed in 2015. The band’s goal was to bring Seger’s music to a wider audience. They’ll be playing on the Fred Anderson Stage during the festival. Lead singer Kevin Reid draws inspiration from Seger’s extensive catalogue, which includes most of his music from the Silver Bullet Band. During the festival, you’ll have the opportunity to see a number of national and international acts. In addition, you’ll be able to see performances by street performers and off-site concerts. Volunteers are also needed for all of the festival’s events. You can contact Jack Irvine at 707-407-9667 to learn how you can help. The ‘Bang Your Head’ concert showcased the ego clashes that typify heavy metal. This event also led to the collapse of glam metal. In the end, many bands wished they were Bon Jovi. They had a more elaborate stage spectacle and longer sets. They were also supposed to play a stripped-down version of their songs. Jon Bon Jovi even offered headlining duties to Ozzy Osbourne. However, the show was scheduled before Motley Crue’s.